Reversible bucket hat with a twist – a sun shade!

4 Views of the Reversible Sun Shade Bucket Hat
4 views of my take on the bucket hat, as modeled by my adorable new son!

Here we go! This first post is about my version of the bucket hat, and I will get to that in just a minute.

First, though, seeing as this is the inaugural post of my newly minted blog, allow me to introduce myself. About to turn 30 later this year, I am a new mom with a new sewing machine! My 5 month old son is my inspiration and will undoubtedly be the featured model of this blog as I set out to put my own spin on the usual baby items we buy and use.

About a month ago, my not-so-subtle hints to my mom during a spring cleaning conversation on a recent visit (read: “If you ever want to get rid of your sewing machine, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.”) led her to surprise me with a new sewing machine of my own! I am so excited to get to experiment with patterns, fabrics and the ideas I dream up while playing with my son. And this is the first.

During a recent trip to the botanical gardens, I realized the back of my son’s neck was not adequately protected by the bucket hat he was wearing (paired with a simple collarless onesie which, let’s be honest is most of his wardrobe at this stage). This is what inspired me to adapt the bucket hat to incorporate a sun shade into the hat itself. I’ve also found myself turning the hat to wear the shade to the side if I am holding him on my front and the sun still gets in his eyes (like the top left picture of the 4 square photo collection above).

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Without further ado, my take on the baby/toddler bucket hat. If there is enough interest, I plan to put together a tutorial on how to make this yourself!

sunhatThe hat itself used just about 1/4 yard of fabric for each side though more may be needed if there is a directionally-sensitive pattern on the fabric, or you are better than me and follow the grain of the fabric for each piece. I used Wunder Under heavy duty iron-on fusible web on the blue side to give it a bit more sturdiness.

The hat is heavily inspired by Sew Much Ado’s Bucket Hat. Abby is the creator and does an excellent job walking you through the construction of the hat!

My twist includes shortening the side panels by 1/4 inch in order to get some cute puckering on the sides and the visor. I also lengthened the back of the visor and drew a gentle curve up each side from the back center point for that “Australian outback” look, what essentially is the sun shade portion of the bucket hat.

What do you think? Interested in a tutorial with the pattern I developed? Let me know in the comments section below!

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